Grandangolo Top
Grandangolo Top
Grandangolo Top
Grandangolo Top
Grandangolo Top
Grandangolo Top

Grandangolo Top

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The elegant and unusual asymmetric shapes design with its beautiful smooth curve lines that substantially characterises a space. Grandangolo is an expressive versatile range that has impressive technical design and strikingly innovative concept for a contemporary bathroom.


  • The Unique Elegant Asymmetric Shapes Design
    • Grandangolo Top features the unique elegant asymmetric shape, beautiful smooth curve lines and the minimalist design.
    • With its thick top panel and spacious slanted basin, helps the water flows smoothly and directly to the waste.
    • Available in a variety of sizes and shapes.
    • A variety of Vanity and Cabinet options also available to create a custom look for your bathroom.
  • Ceramic Italian Made Top 
    Beautifully crafted and made in Italy by Hatria, using extremely pure raw materials and leading-edge technology. Ensures a smooth seamless finish that also highly durable, scratch-, heat- and stain-resistant. With its very smooth surface makes it easy to maintain and very hygienic.



  • If a Grandangolo Basin is placed over a Grandangolo Box, a cut-out for the bottle trap will be needed, please specify the position cut-out (Only available for 500 box).
  • Please specify if you require a taphole, and the location (see technical drawings/order forms for possible locations).
  • For a hidden bottle trap, we recommend Traditional Basin Bottle Trap (40551-32), this will take up minimal space inside drawers.
  • For a bottle trap that is visible beneath the basins, we recommend Star Basin Bottle Trap (FT42038), using a chrome fitting will give the best visual appeal.
Code Description Docs Dimensions W / H / D RRP Add
Vanity Tops
YOXN01 Grandangolo 500 - Left Side Bowl 500 140 500 $736.00
YOYD01 Grandangolo 750 - Left Side Bowl 750 140 500 $983.00
YOXK01 Grandangolo 750 - Right Side Bowl 750 140 500 $983.00
YOVA01 Grandangolo 1000 - Left Side Bowl 1000 140 500 $1,327.00
YOXS01 Grandangolo 1300 - Left Side Bowl 1300 140 500 $1,775.00
YOV801 Grandangolo 1500 - Left Side Bowl 1500 140 500 $1,832.00

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