Time to Refresh Your Bathroom for Spring!

Spring is in the air, which means say Goodbye to the Winter Blues and Hello to the Warm Sunshine! As for most, it’s spring-cleaning time again, so let’s refresh your bathroom and get ready for Spring!


ClearStone vs Natural Stone

What is the difference between Clearstone & Natural Stone? Try to pick a bath that has a thinner & more delicate edge outline? Or love the smooth satin finish, soft and velvety to touch? Let’s look at both their features and find out which one you prefer!


Technical : Understanding Your Water Pressure

Do you know what kind of water pressure you have? Ever need to ‘schedule’ your shower when someone is not using any water elsewhere in the house to avoid a sudden blast of cold water or low water flow?


A BASIC GUIDE TO : Laundry Design

Looking to build or renovate your laundry area?
Whatever the size of your laundry area, it’s vital that its design is both practical and functional.
So where do you start and what are the essentials?


Top Pick of the Month : Baths

Winter is here, are you ready for it?
The bathtub has become the most essential piece in the bathroom – not only as a luxury statement, but for our ultimate relaxation, especially as Winter is approaching. There's nothing better than soaking in a hot bath during Winter, with a glass of wine. We have rounded up some of our favourite bathtubs for the month.


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