ClearStone vs Natural Stone

What is the difference between ClearStone & Natural Stone? Trying to pick a bath that has a thinner, delicate edge? Or love the smooth satin finish? Let’s look at both of their features and find out which one you would prefer!



Natural Stone

ClearStone is an advanced, new material, bonded together with milled sedimentary stone and a high-performance aluminium/titanium filler base. This unique combination allows baths to be crafted with delicate edges. ClearStone baths are a brilliant high-gloss white, with a hardwearing, scratch-resistant surface. With its exceptional performance, it is engineered to last a lifetime. ClearStone can also be repaired in the event of minor scratches or chips. 


Natural Stone baths are made using our natural stone and mineral technology. Designed to have the solid natural stone appearance without weighing a tonne. It is hand polished for more than 10 hours to give that smooth satin finish, velvety to touch. Most Natural Stone baths also come with an integrated overflow.

Features   Features
   Made of a sedimentary stone composite with Gibbsite mineral filler     Made of a composite natural stone material
   Thinner edge / delicate outline     Thicker Edge – Heavier & solid appearance
   Brilliant high-gloss White     Smooth Satin finish (non-glossy)
   Scratch-resistant & a hard-wearing surface     Weighs less, compared to a true stone bath
   Less prone to damage – engineered to last a lifetime     Retains heat for longer
   No overflow     Comes with an integrated overflow
   Can be repaired for chips and minor scratches     Can be repaired for chips and minor scratches
   See Our ClearStone Baths Here     See Our Natural Stone Baths Here


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