How long will it take to get my order?

How do I order?

Can I track my order?

Is Timber Veneer the same as Melamine?

Can I select the sheet of timber my unit is made from?

Can I choose any colour for my Custom Colour cabinetry

What finish options are available for the Custom Colour cabinetry?

Is there an extra charge for choosing a Custom Colour metallic finish?

How accurate is the Custom Colour matching process?

How do I order my preferred colour and finish for the cabinetry?

Can I see a Custom Colour sample before confirming my order?

How long does it take to receive my Custom Colour cabinetry order?

Can I change my Custom Colour selection after placing an order?

Can I return my Custom Colour order if i change my mind?

Is there a warranty for Custom Colour furniture?

Are there any special cleaning needs for my Custom Colour furniture?

Do you do custom made furniture?

Can I return my order?

What is the warranty?

Do I need to advise the installer anything before purchase?

How do I care for and maintain my product(s)?

Are your units waterproof?

Are Timber Veneer units protected?

How do I calculate what my Kordura laundry benchtop price will be?

What is NanoGlaze?

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