How do I order?

Give us a call on +64 3 343 0969 (Christchurch) or +64 9 309 9109 (Auckland) or send us an email at info@smail.co.nz - we will put you in touch with your nearest leading retailer. They will take your order and the product/s will be delivered to that store.

Where can I choose a colour?

Any paint retailer, even car paint swatches are possible. Just tell us the name of the swatch. Remember we spray gloss - and paint samples are matt so there will be a slight variation. Standard paint finish colour options are 15% on top of the white price, both Black and Metallic are 25% on top of white price.

Is timber veneer the same as melamine?

No. Timber veneer is a 3mm layer of real timber pressed onto water resistant board. Melamine is a manufactured timber 'look'.

Can I select the sheet of timber my unit is made from?

No. You can select the colour and finish.

Do you do custom makes?

Try us. We sometimes do it if it is a small change, like a handle. We do special designs for larger runs.

How long does it take to get my order?

If product is in stock (basins/toilets), it will be shipped 3-5 days from receipt or order, from Christchurch or Auckland warehouses. If we are manufacturing the unit, these are made in Christchurch. They take approximately 10 working days for white units or 3-4 weeks for a timber veneer/coloured unit. Times may vary according to demand. Freight time is additional. All orders are freighted to the retail store from which the product was purchased for distribution.

How long is freight time?

This depends on your location. Most of our items are shipped from Christchurch. So allow 3-4 days to Auckland/Wellington from Christchurch. Other cities take longer as often freight companies only deliver from Christchurch to these towns once a week.

Can I track my order?

We use furniture freight and unfortunately these freight companies don't have online facilities for tracking. However if the freight time is longer than anticipated; please contact the retailer who the order was placed through and we will track it from there. We need the merchants order number to track the order.

Can I return my order?

If we have made your product then it can't be returned as we have made it for you! Stock items may be returned if it is in the original box and in original condition. We do charge a re-stock fee to cover our costs. There will be a freight fee depending on your location.

What is the warranty?

Units and basins/tops have a 5 year warranty (subject to warranty conditions). Mirrors and working parts have a 1 year warranty (subject to warranty conditions).

Do I need to advise the installer anything before purchase?

Yes – the installation is very important. Incorrect installation may void warranty. Ensure the installer is aware of what you ordered and follows the installation instructions for that product (s). For units – there must be timber to secure BOTH the unit and the basin/top to the wall. This is VERY important. Technical drawings and installation instructions are available on this website.

How do I clean the product?

We recommend soapy water on ceramics. For all tougher marks, a small amount of buffing cream is suggested (only on ceramics). On cabinets – we recommend soapy water. And timber veneers we suggest using furniture oil. It is important that units are kept free of excessive water/moisture.

Are your units waterproof?

No. They are water resistant. Keep excessive moisture/water off units by drying any problem areas. Our units are made of water resistant board and are coated in special paint finish which means they are one of the most water resistant units on the market.

Are timber veneer units protected?

Yes timber units are protected using a polyester coating. They are as durable as a painted unit. But they benefit from furniture oil regularly. Refer to waterproof FAQ.

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