Lif Shower Trays

Lif Shower Trays

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Designed by Hatria

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An ultramodern shower that transforms the bathroom environment into a veritable centre of wellbeing.

Ceramic or Heavycril® shower tray featuring removable easy care 90 mm drain trap.

Lif includes shower trays with various shapes, dimensions and thickness for all space and installation requirements.

The ceramic version has a thickness of 60 mm, while the Heavycril® for installations at floor level have a thickness of 45 mm. Heavycril® derives from a combination of acrylic and natural materials. It's a product with a surface that's pleasing to the touch but also robust like stone or ceramics.

Square-shaped drain cover. Flush-with-the-floor or floor mounted installation.

Assembly with drain trap on opposite side to wall, non-glazed side opposite drain trap.

Siphon drainage not inclusive.

Code Description Docs Dimensions W / H / D RRP Add
YXE601 Lif Shower Tray 900 x 090 - Ceramic (non-stock item) 900 60 900 $710.00
YXE701 Lif Shower Tray 1000 x 800 - Ceramic (non-stock item) 1000 60 800 $710.00
YXE801 Lif Shower Tray 1200 x 800 - Ceramic (non-stock item) 1200 60 800 $780.00
YXEZ01 Lif Shower Tray 1400 x 800 - Heavycril® (non-stock item) 1400 45 800 $835.00
YXF201 Lif Shower Tray 1500 x 800 - Heavycril® (non-stock item) 1500 45 800 $1,100.00
YXEX01 Lif Shower Tray 1600 x 800 - Heavycril® (non-stock item) 1600 45 800 $1,145.00

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