Pantone Summer/Spring 2017

For those who has difficulty on choosing the colour…like me or you are not so brave with the bright colour. Not too worried! I’ve spotted you beautiful Pantone colours you may have for your home this summer!


Grey and white - the neutral colour scheme can for a long way toward establishing a bathroom atmosphere of calm. If you are considering a twist, I suggest you can go with naturally inspired hues.


Got for it - If you are toward more exuberant tone such as red or green. But choose the right bright colour could be challenging. Pantone has chosen the most decent summer colour this year, the Lapis blue and the Flame orange are both great choices.

If you are a bit like me - not so brave on using colour but don’t want to stay all white and boring... then you need to check out these gorgeous Encaustic hex tiles. You can decide how many colour and the colour combination for your wall or floor and no need to worry about the colour is not going to work with your existing furniture in the space because you can always mix it with some neutral colour to tie everything together!

Thank you all for reading- happy renovation!

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